JENSENS NewOrleans JAZZBAND (Denmark):

New Orleans style music...
JENSENS NewOrleans JAZZBAND is a bigger version of JENSENS jazz SERENADERS.
It is a Danish New Orleans style band, very much influenced by musicians such as Bunk Johnson, George Lewis and Kid Thomas.
The band is today one of the wellknown New Orleans jazzbands in Denmark with 13 CD releases and many tours in Europe.

Jazz classics and evergreens...
Like JENSENS Jazz SERENADERS the basis of the band is the Jensen family: Two female musicians (mother and daughter on the double bass and tenor banjo) and the father on the clarinet and tenor sax.
Nina on the banjo is also a fine and a very popular jazzsinger, so there are a lot of vocal numbers on the repertoire.
The band plays numbers from the old New Orleans repertoire, hymns, marches, blues, jazz classics and evergreens and also some Caribbean tunes.

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