jnan2.jpg (44065 bytes)NAN EHRENSTRAALE (S) (String Bass and Sousaphone):
Nan is one of the few female jazz musicians playing the old style jazz music of New Orleans. She was born in Sweden and moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in 1969.
From the beginning musicians like George Lewis, Kid Thomas Valentine and Captain John Handy were her main idols - and still are! "Slow Drag" Pavageau, Pops Foster, Chester Zardis, Papa John and Terry Knight (GB) are among Nan's favourite bass players, these are the players from whom she gets her inspiration. Her rock solid, swinging, slap-bass, helps forming a great rhythm section.
When JENSENS NewOrleans BAND performs as a Street Parade, she "climbs into" the sousaphone, the very big horn - which is her second instrument.

kurts_dresden.jpg (350994 bytes)KURT JENSEN (Clarinet, Tenor Sax and Vocal):
"My introduction to jazz was in my schooldays when I heard the bands of The Dutch Swing College and Chris Barber, it was then I decided to take up playing clarinet. One day I borrowed some records from a friend, when I played the first record I couldn't believe the sound I heard - gentle, relaxed, a great pulsating drive with all the band working harmoniously together - it was "George Lewis' Ragtime Band" playing Just A Closer Walk with Thee, the version where they sing: "walkin' with Jesus..." from that moment on I was really sold!!!"

Over the past 50 years Kurt has been active on the Scandinavian jazz scene, playing his George Lewis inspired clarinet with various bands, he has made many recording and has appeared with American musicians Kid Sheik Colar, Wild Bill Davidson, Dave "Fatman" Williams, Joseph Thomas.

NINA EHRENSTRAALE (Tenor Banjo and Vocals):nina2.jpeg.jpg (42765 bytes)
To complete the rhythm section we have playing banjo Nina, she is the youngest member of the band and is a hot name within the Danish jazz circle.
Being the daughter of Kurt and Nan, she heard the jazz music before she was born. She started playing guitar when she was twelve years old, it did not suit her so she switched to playing tenor banjo - she has not looked back since.
Nina not only plays a fine gentle banjo with an accurate and excellent drive, she is also a very good vocalist and whistler.
This magical combination of wonderful banjo playing and singing has made Nina one of the main attractions in the band.

erling_hilton.jpg (87173 bytes)ERLING RASMUSSEN (piano, accordeon and vocal):
Erling Rasmussen has been playing jazz for a long time. He started as a very young man on the trumpet, later he took up the piano, and also accordeon and violin. On piano and jazz-accordeon he is very competent, playing both instruments with a drive and enthusiasm, that make everybody else around him swing. Not only jazz is taking Erling's time, he  also plays folkmusic, mostly traditional danish style on accordeon and fiddle.

Erling played with Cotapaxi Jazzband (Jutland) from 1970 to 1978, then moved to the eastern part of Denmark, joining the famous Papa Dip's Jazzband for several years, and later Storyville Jazzband.

HENRIK SKORA (piano / vocal):henrikS.jpg (286058 bytes)
One of ”Jensens” musical friends is Henrik Skora. He is in fact so much of a friend that he’s regarded as being one of the regular members of the band, on the same footing as Erling Rasmussen.
Some years ago Henrik made a switch of career: from being a succesful business man within the audio branch to make a living as a full time painter.
Besides painting this gives him more time to play jazz, which he has done since his youth.
Henrik’s repertoire is huge. He’s also a listener, which is appreciated by his fellow musicians and which makes exciting ensemble playing – from the old New Orleans style, ragtime, rock’n roll, evergreens to swing - possible.
Henrik’s strength lies clearly within the old jazz and he’s a master at it.

Hans Ingelstam (crop).jpg (387394 bytes)HANS INGELSTAM (SE) (trombone):
Hans Ingelstam often joins the band as a soloist. He has played jazz his whole life. As a young man in Stockhom he was interested in the old New Orleans style but he has tried many different styles of jazz since. Today he is a very all-round musician. He masters the "soft" tone of his instrument but certainly also a raw rhytm ! He was a member of "Jazzin' Jacks" from Helsingborg in Sweden for many years and plays today among other bands with "Dixie For You". He also performs with his son Björn Ingelstam, who plays the trompet - so here you have yet another jazz family where the jazz is played across the generations!

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